Oh Lord (& Taylor)

A few days ago I received an email from one of my favorite retailers, Lord & Taylor.

I’ve shopped there since I was a pre-teen. It’s my longest running credit card. But that email upset me. I can get upset easily, but rarely take action about it.

The email started “Oh, Lord….” but didn’t include the & Taylor.

So I messaged them. And told them that as a Christian, I found this to be an offensive way to market the sales of new spring fashions. Their response was reasonably swift and appropriate, “Please accept our apologies, it is certainly not our intent to offend our customers…and we will forward your comments to the appropriate department for review.”

OK, it’s just one voice. But it’s a voice prompted by the Lord. Maybe others were prompted to send a message of complaint.

My prayer today is to follow his promptings…his nudges….because they tend to take me to places I’d never reach otherwise. Oh, and I’ll follow and pray about earnest comments from my husband. He’s shocked that my blog is titled “godposts” as if the messages are from God, the Almighty, creator of heaven and earth. Hmmmm….that’s not my intent….more “posts about God,” or “thoughts that he plops into my head.”

Let me know if you think the title of the blog should change.  With kind regards to you all.


Hello to all who feel God’s nudges

Hi all,

Welcome to godposts. I am looking forward to humbly sharing all those daily nudges I get from the Lord. They’ve been more frequent ever since I lost my 24-year employment at U.S.News & World Report last year. He’s trying to get my attention (well, He’s had it, but I haven’t always responded.)

I’ll post my life stories about how He’s worked in my life — as well as the many nudges I get from Him about how far I still have to go in the walk of obedience. Along the way, if you have any interest, I’ll share how He works in bringing me through this radical transformation in my life. Also, how I’m being guided to clean up my act as a mother, wife, homemaker, friend, daughter, sister, and someone who claims to be Christian but who doesn’t always act that way.