Spring Forward and I Fall Back

This Spring time change always throws me for a loop. It takes a few days to be mentally and physically back on track. It’s just one little hour, but I seem to be looking for it all week.

It was not on my schedule to go to the car repair shop yesterday. When backing out of the garage my tires seem to go over little ripples.  So I get down to eye level on the driveway to see if voles created pathways under the asphalt. It looks smooth to me. At the car shop, of course, I can’t recreate the problem with the technician. I have them inspect all the tires anyway. I feel like a radio caller on Car Talk pleading with Click and Clack that there really was a problem and I’m not losing my mind.

Well, OK, the time change thing makes me feel like those bubbles. They’re not really there, they just feel like it. Like the hiccups in my day when things don’t go on schedule. More importantly, this lack of a little sleep makes me question things I do on a regular basis. Like buy groceries. One would think milk is usually on the list, but it didn’t make it home. My dear husband only had four tablespoons of it with a cup of cereal this morning.

Also, in springtime, I want to glory in the warmer days and the promise in the green crocus sprouts. Then allergies attack and I fall back. Usually flat on my back.

What I can do to pick myself up from stumbles is remember Proverbs 3:6, often quoted by a favorite speaker, Charles Stanley, “In all your ways acknowledge Him. And He will direct your paths.”

My prayer today is that we will all be open to His direction, and that the paths will be through Spring (without any falls).

With blessings and kind regards to you all.


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