Daily Totals

(Apologies to the friends and family who read this post. I’ve been away from blogging to meet a deadline to complete a book proposal for a class. I’m back now and I appreciate your visits here.)

At breakfast our daughter announced “I’m more than 2,920 days old!” While always one to encourage the use of math in everyday settings, I was a little disturbed when she announced how many days old I was. Let’s just say it’s well into five digits.

Soon after her announcement, before she could total up my husband’s days (he’s older than I am, so to deflect the incoming angst) I laughed, “Let me count the number of days I’ve been married to my wonderful husband!”

Yes, it’s great to reflect on numbers. It’s a miracle that I met my husband — who grew up on the other side of the world — and how lovely to recall the days that have flowed into 18 years of marriage.

It’s another blessing that the number of days I had with my father was 88 times 365. And I still get to talk with my mother on the phone every evening (but I won’t total her number times 365 — she’d stop reading my posts!)

Today I will think about the important daily totals. How many times have I said or acted in a way that says “I love you.” How many things have I done for others? How many moments have I spent in prayer? How many blessings have I noted? A friend just recommended Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts and it is a stunning gift in itself. If I could come even close to a fraction of awareness of the gifts that Voskamp mentions, I would be happy every day.

Let me jump back into the numbers game today.  Later I get to visit with a woman I’ve been friends with since kindergarten. (Another big number, but I’ll keep you guessing.) She’s riding the train to D.C. from Connecticut where she’s giving a lecture at the Greek Embassy tonight. I’m blessed to be her guest and enjoy listening to her knowledge gleaned over years of study, teaching, travel, learning languages and analyzing art.

But the numbers on the clock — those daily totals I try to manipulate, but never can — call me to finish all the items on my list before I can enjoy the evening.

Blessings and kind regards to you all.


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