Big Rocks Go In First

As anyone over the age of six knows, some mornings just don’t go well.

Sleep is so utterly important to me that I can’t seem to function unless I have at least six hours. I’m caring for a sick dog who’s forgotten she’s housebroken (it’s not her fault, it’s the meds), a child who won’t sleep because she’s still on another time zone and a husband who has to work at peak efficiency who also hasn’t slept well for a few days.

After getting the two humans out the door this morning, and following the precise food and medicine schedule for the dog, at last I could consider what needed to get done today. But my brain wasn’t functioning at its peak efficiency. Then I remembered the kids’ project where they try to fit as many rocks as possible into a large jar. They all figure out quickly that the big rocks need to go in first. Then you can fit in more of the little ones. I try to remember that game when my head feels like one big blob. I’m trying to recall, what are the big rocks I need to fit in today?

The flurry of little rocks beg for attention — going to Home Depot to get sand to put down along the paver stone front walkway, many loads of laundry, clearing off my desk, calling the recommended piano teacher for summer lessons, getting to the athletic store for larger soccer cleats and swim team uniforms for our child — these all need to be done today. Then there was the promise I made to myself to speed-walk 3.2 miles on the treadmill to prepare for chaperoning (i.e. walking to collect the stragglers) at the Girls on the Run 5K coming up in a few weeks, and the promise to my husband to make a favorite Indian dish (i.e. very time-consuming.) My brain is getting pelted with these little pebbles.

When I get like this it’s usually because I’ve neglected my morning devotions, the centering time I spend with Bible reading and prayer. It was just one of those mornings….the scheduled reading in Hebrews was about Melchizedek and I was baffled. How could someone be born without a mother or a father? And why haven’t I heard of him before? Googling this fellow had me even more confused and forced me to bounce back into Proverbs to something I could understand. I didn’t have the fortitude (or sleep) to decipher what Melchizedek really means to us.

Then, as it occasionally happens, the Bible really gets my attention. I was miffed this morning by a comment from my husband about my whining about not enough sleep. And when I thought I had moved to a section of the Bible for solace, I had turned to Proverbs 12, “Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge. But he who hates correction is stupid.”

Well, those big rocks seem more focused now. The big rock for me is to spend time with Him. He can sort out my rocks– and hit me squarely between the eyes with something I need to improve. Here are today’s big rocks –I’ve read the Bible, I’ve had prayer time, I’ve blogged, the kitchen is clean and the sedated dog is asleep. Now I can handle the urgent little rocks and let the rest go. Oh, and I might make my husband’s favorite Indian dish (and remember to whine less often.)

Blessings and kind regards to you all.