Mistaken Identity

Yesterday I wore my new saffron yellow souvenir T-shirt from the beach. I felt ridiculously optimistic wearing it, because it had “Endless Summer” and a silhouette of a surfer emblazened on it. It’s the kind of T-shirt teenagers wear and I must have had a lapse in  fashion judgment when I purchased (and wore it). But I didn’t care. It made me feel sunny and comfortably cool walking the dog at 6:30 am on one of those recent 100 degree days.

Until a string of bees mistook me for some large exotic flower. They were nearly dive-bombing into the yellowness of the cotton, undoubtedly thinking they had found pollen heaven. Fortunately both the bees and I quickly realized this was a case of mistaken identity and a swift jog out of that locale saved me from multiple stings.

Later in the day, tackling a dreaded weeding chore along my front walkway, I encountered another situation of mistaken identity. Various weeds were growing underneath and on top of the beautiful (but as of yet, unidentified) groundcover that we inherited when we purchased the home. These were sneaky weeds. They looked a lot like the groundcover, and they were messy and some were thorny and it took me nearly four hours to purge them. I had much time to be philosophical in the hours of tugging and digging.  What has been choking my most important time with Christ these days? The time I spend in Bible reading, prayer and writing blogs solidifies part of my identity as a Christian. Has something been strangling my time with Him? Have I allowed the subtle voices of friends to influence the direction of my life? Have my very own faults that I haven’t given over to His control been part of the problem of feeling entangled, unproductive or unfocused? Or has my own willfulness of wanting Christ to show me all the right turns in the road been a hindrance to simply spending time with him?

For now, I’m thankful for the bees and the weeds. They’ve shown me how easily I can lose some of my identity, and with this reminder from nature I’ve turned back to writing. And prayer. And time with Bible study.

With blessings and kind regards to you all.