Standing in Cool Water

I was tickled to see the suburban equine surprise.

Two well-tended, 16-hand horses and their attractive owners turned the corner and came out of the wooded parkland near my home. We’re not total strangers. I see them a few times each year as they clop on asphalt residential streets. “How are they surviving the heat?” I asked.

“Not well,” said one of the women. “We’re walking slowly. We just let them stand in the creek for awhile.”

I know that creek. It’s dry here, so the water can’t be more than a few inches deep. How delightful that a few inches of water could refresh an 1,100-pound creature. Probably just barely covered his hoof. And that image, on a hot Virginia day, let my mind drift into other small refreshments that have recently covered me.

An unexpected, brief coffee with an old friend was as satisfying as a leisurely gourmet meal.

A LinkedIn connection with a long-ago colleague unearthed that she’s been living in Johannesburg, South Africa for 12 years. Better than a detective novel.

A phone call from a Parisian friend has me scurrying to ready a guest room for her impromptu visit. More enjoyable than planning an expensive trip to see her.

Swimming and movie invitations extended to our daughter from a variety of friends. More pleasurable than multiple dinner party invitations.

These small gifts, triggered by seeing Trigger down the street, give me so much joy and help me remember how many blessings are all around me. I also remember the source of all that joy in John 7:38 that tells all of us that “whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”


One thought on “Standing in Cool Water

  1. “an unexpected, brief coffee with an old friend” – Hear! Hear! Although it’s often followed with junk food and junk gossip, oh, how much fun coffee with old friends can be! Especially when they’re unexpected. And most of the time, they are, cuz my old friends always freak out when I show up at their door and demand for them to brew up some coffee, if they hadn’t already. Haha! xD

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