Prayers for a Teenager

I found this prayer last night, written when our girl was young. I am not its author. It may be from a MOPs group (Mothers of Preschoolers), yet it is even more relevant today. She’s a teenager facing the universal and unique struggles of young people today. It’s shared, hoping that it might be useful to you and the young person you love so much.

Lord God,

You are her shepherd. I surrender her to you. Lead and guide me so that I can lead and guide her. May I never get in the way of her relationship to you. Be her Lord, her shepherd, her God. Let her see You through me and in spite of me.

Provide wise teachers, mentors, and leaders for her, and may she begin to see You as her only shepherd. As she follows You, lead her into an increasingly close relationship with you, looking to you to fulfill her every need, physical, spiritual, and emotional.



2 thoughts on “Prayers for a Teenager

  1. Beautiful, D! I will be keeping her in my prayers as she is on the journey through the teen years. As moms, we are always praying for our children, sometimes we have a definite reason for prayer and other times just because that is what we do! Sending you a hugs and prayers, too.

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