God helps with even the mulch piles

It’s probably not my most eloquent prayer.

It’s the one that’s shown me He even cares about the problem piles in our lives.

Last year I swore I would never order 9 cubic yards of mulch for the garden again. Yet, the bids for someone else to do all the work came in consistently over $2,000.  So, I ordered it — due to mulch envy. My neighbor ordered mulch and it was the most lovely shade of dark brown (I wasn’t a Fine Arts major just for gallery items.)

There it sat. For three months. It was due to work and life pressures I told myself. I really didn’t want to do this work, yet it blocked the front path to my home. As well as a full parking space.

So I prayed. The answer I received was not an audible voice, of course. It was the message, “chip away at it a little each evening.”  He helps me even with the mulch piles and gives me so much more. Fresh air and a way to decompress after work. Exercise for muscles that had not used a pitch fork in a long time. And mostly, He gave me wonderful comfort that He can help — and is listening — to even the simplest requests like, “how can I tackle this big job?”

I’m almost done. I would have been finished by now, but He sent rain. The much-needed rain that’s even more important than mulch.




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